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never mind unwanted media influence. i've realised that i'm constantly feeding myself media. slowly turning myself into something i'm not. why? i don't know, don't ask me.

that being said, i feel suprisingly myself at the moment. probably the influence of having got some of my own thoughts back, and i got myself nice dress today! so woo yay. (topshop sale) it actually looks meish, feels right, very comfy.

i'm thinking of ways to stop my old demonia mary-janes being too gothy. for those passers-by out there, any ideas?

other than that, i'm still wondering whether bleached hair will suit me. i'm pretty much unable to imagine it.

and i'm worried that my new dress won't go with green, and what shoes to wear it with.

and then we have the problem of what shoe to wear to prom? amy is yet to find shoes that are pretty and go with navy (saw v. nice beige sandals in topshop though).
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Work experience has been ok so far. Spent the whole day typing today, blah.

Hannah and Robin came to see me at aout 6. Special suprise! =)

I have lots of stuff to copy.

I'm still tired, but I have Afterlife to watch later tonight.

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. childhood:
    I was just about the first thing in my life that I actually remember.
  2. dreadlocks:
    I just love them. About 200 days until I will have them
  3. fur:
    I love the feel, it comforts me, although I can't say I like animals dying.
  4. indie rock:
    Best. Music. Genre. After britpop.
  5. literature:
    Books 'n' shit.
  6. old photographs:
    They have this wonderfull feel to them. I could stare for ages just wondering who people in them were, what they were thinking, why they were there. It's brain-food, I suppose.
  7. poetry:
    I used to be able to write it at the drop of a hat. I can appreiciate reading it, but you don't knw life untill you've let creativity flow the way poetry allowed me. For a while.
  8. radiohead:
    Ok, so they're a bit crap. I felt like addng things. I do like creep a lot though.
  9. sonic youth:
    Best. Band. Ever. Would probably hyperventilate if I ever saw Teenage riot or Skip Tracer live.
  10. the pixies:
    Saw them live. Such an awesome band. They mean too much to me to explain. Favourite song = I Bleed, actually squeal and made a score hand gesture when they started playing this.

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Sorry it all sounds so detached. It makes me sound like I have the sort of attitude I really detest. Maybe I do.


Saw the Pixies last night, they were fucking amazing, I'm still on a high, and I still can't hear properly.